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Green Deal and Energy Providers

The Green Deal for householders is a loan made to the property rather than to the occupants and where repayments are made via the electricity bill.

Energy providers therefore have a very important role to play in the Green Deal - collecting, holding and passing on Green Deal repayments to the Green Deal Provider.

You Can Change Energy Providers Under the Green Deal

Once you’ve signed up for the Green Deal you can still switch energy providers as normal. Your energy provider merely collects the Green Deal payments and passes them on to your Green Deal Provider.

Switching energy provider doesn’t affect the terms of your Green Deal Plan in any way. You’ll pay the same amount for the same amount of time.

You Need an Energy Company that Collects the Green Deal Charge

Small energy providers - those with less than 250,000 customers - are not required to collect the Green Deal charge. If your energy provider doesn’t collect Green Deal repayments you’ll need to switch to one that does in order to take up the Green Deal.

If you suspect that your energy provider isn’t part of the Green Deal it’s best to call them and check - the Green Deal hasn't been around for very long and they might not have updated their bills/website yet.

Let Your Provider Know When You Move

Green Deal finance is attached to the property modified, not the consumer who had the modifications done. As such, when you move the repayments will still be collected through the electricity bill of the property.

Let your energy provider know of your move in the usual way - it’s their responsibility to set up billing for the new occupants and to transfer billing and Green Deal charges over to a new energy provider if necessary.

How Much Do Energy Providers Make Out of the Green Deal?

At present the Government pays energy providers £3 per year for each Green Deal customer to cover the cost of administration. This could change in the future.