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Green Deal FAQs

When can I sign up for the Green Deal?

You can commission a Green Deal Assessment of your property from a Green Deal Advisor right now. They’ll let you know what improvements you could get under the Green Deal and help you get your Green Deal Plan ready. However, you can’t actually start work on those improvements until after January 28th 2013 when the Green Deal funding mechanism goes live. Since it’s hard to estimate the level of demand we recommended you make your application early.

How does the Golden Rule work?

Improvements to your home are only eligible for full funding under the Green Deal if the estimated energy savings are larger than the cost of the work. This is the Golden Rule.

It’s important to note that because the Golden Rule calculation involves an estimate of your energy usage your actual contribution to the improvements might be more than you save on energy bills (e.g. if your energy consumption is particularly low).

What measures qualify for the Green Deal?

Your Green Deal Assessment will clearly outline which measures are available to you under the Green Deal. These are usually the measures which result in the highest energy savings. Other measures might be available with part funding by the Green Deal where you contribute the remainder of costs upfront.

You can’t pick and choose which measures to implement - those with the highest energy efficiency gains have to be tackled first to qualify for Green Deal funding.

Who can apply for the Green Deal?

Homeowners, tenants, landlords and businesses are all eligible for Green Deal funding. The loan that finances energy saving measures is attached to the property itself and collected through the electricity bill. When you move the repayments become the responsibility of the new bill payers.

Tenants will need to obtain the permission of their landlords before applying for the Green Deal and vice versa.

What’s the difference between Green Deal and ECO?

ECO, or Electricity Company Obligation, is a new scheme which forces the Big Six energy companies to provide grants to householders to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the carbon emissions of their homes. They are particularly targeted at low-income and vulnerable households. ECO grants do not need to be repaid though some measures can be funded in combination with a Green Deal loan.

To find out if you’re eligible for an ECO grant call the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234.