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Green Deal Government Iniative 2013

The Green Deal was "soft launched" on the 1st of October 2012. So you can from now on get an assessment for your house, but the finance system will not be available until next year, at the beginning of 2013 .

On a basic level, the deal aims to help both residential and commercial properties become more environmentally friendly. The department of energy and climate describe the Green Deal as 'revolutionary'. In this article we will look more closely at what the Green Deal actually is and how it will be implemented.

The Green Deal

The Green Deal is a scheme which will allow both residential and commercial property owners to install energy saving improvements to their buildings without having to pay an upfront cost. Instead, owners will pay back the cost of installation over a set period. The repayment will be attached to their energy bill. For example, a homeowner could have insulation installed in their loft without paying anything beforehand. They will repay it over time on their gas or electricity bill. The utility bill itself will be cheaper due to the insulation, so even with the repayment charge, one's energy payment should not be much more expensive overall.

Who Benefits from the Deal?

The government claims that both the homeowner and the supplier will benefit hugely from the Green Deal. The building owner will add value to the property as well as make savings long term. There will be no need to find a large sum to cover the initial installation as the cost is spread over a set period. At first it may appear that the supplier of the energy saving equipment will lose out as they will have to wait for their money. However, they are likely to see a rapid increase in business as thousands of people are expected to take up the Green Deal.

Can Anyone Join The Green Deal?

Only energy bill payers can be accepted on to the scheme. This means if someone else pays your energy bills, you will be unable to have the energy saving improvements installed. However, the Green Deal is open to both commercial and residential property owners who pay their own bills. The government is keen for buildings across the country to become more energy efficient as it believes too many are poorly insulated and draughty. The Green Deal will even offer extra help to those on low incomes or for those who own buildings in which the cost of installation of the improvement is considerably above average.

Although the Green Deal Initiative will launch in late 2012, it is expected that, as publicity spreads, it will quickly become more popular. The government is determined to meet its green targets and sees the installation of energy savings improvements such as loft insulation and double glazing as an ideal way to do this.

Property owners themselves will benefit greatly from the scheme as they will not have to find the money to pay upfront for the improvements. They can repay the cost over time in their energy bills which will also reduce as a result of the improvement. It seems The Green Deal can indeed by labelled 'the real deal'.