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Green Deal Providers

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Who Are The Providers?

Amongst many other duties the Green Deal provider will be the company that is responsible for arranging the finance for your Green Deal and also arranging for the work to be carried out by certified installers.
If you have any concerns or problems regarding the work that is been carried out, then the provider should be the first company that you contact. They will be responsible for dealing with all queries and complaints. In the unlikely event that you find there is anything wrong with the work that has been carried out, it will be up to the provider to get it put right for you. The list of authorised providers in conjunction with the Green Deal has not yet been released. There are however two companies that have recently become accredited Providers
We will regularly update the list of official Providers as they get authorised, but for the moment the list is quite short!
Although he list of approved providers in conjunction with the Green Deal has not yet been released. There have been 22 Pioneer Providers that were involved in shaping the registration process from the beginning.These Pioneer Providers are not yet authorised because they have to go through the same registration process as new market entrants, to keep a fair balance.

There are currently only two providers on the list and they are:

  • InstaFoam & Fibre Limited
  • Inteb Sustainability Limited

Benefits of the Green Deal

There will be lots of benefits attached to this scheme. It will be especially beneficial to lower income families and vulnerable groups who may not otherwise be able to afford to get their homes up to an energy efficient standard. The Green Deal could include wall or loft insulation, a new boiler, double glazing or air source heat pumps. Instead of taking out a loan to pay for this work, the charge will simply be added on to your energy bills. However, as your home will be better insulated than before you will not need to use as much energy. Making your home more energy efficient in this way will also be cost effective in the long term. Once the charges have ended, energy bills will be lower than before, the value of your property will increase and your own carbon footprint will be reduced. The Green Deal offers good opportunities for everyone and no assessor will recommend an improvement to your property if the cost of having the work done is more than you would save in the long term. Additionally, the Green Deal will not only apply to home owners as business owners and owners of commercial properties are also free to put their names down for the scheme. It will even be open to tenants but you will need to seek permission from the building owner before any work can be carried out. Indeed, if you need any kind of energy efficient work carried out on your home that you cannot afford upfront, the Green Deal will be for you.