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How to Find MCS Accredited Solar Installers

What is MCS Accreditation?

The independent MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) is a register of manufacturers and installers of Microgeneration products and services. Inclusion in the list guarantees the highest standards of quality, performance and cost efficiency, delivering the consumer the Gold Standard in technology and expertise.

This internationally acknowledged scheme provides UK businesses and homeowners with access to accredited installation specialists who will be eligible to perform improvement measures under the new government Green Deal initiative. Using a company with MCS accreditation for PV solar installation will also guarantee that the consumer can benefit from inclusion in the Feed-InTariff scheme.

How to Find an MCS Accredited Installer

With thousands of companies across the UK currently offering solar panel installation, it can be difficult to know where to begin in the search for a reliable, MCS accredited professional to undertake a proposed solar energy project.

The award winning MCS Directory, founded in 2010, has proved to be an invaluable source of information for both consumers searching for installers and installation providers offering their services.The site has achieved an enviable record of 100% positive feedback from its users and has been estimated to receive in excess of 18,000 visits per month. It is a very user friendly facility which provides simple navigation to locally based solar installers. By entering the postcode of their property and selecting a range of between 10-50 miles radius from their location, the searcher will have access to all the MCS accredited solar installation specialists within their chosen area. In addition to links to the selected websites and their location, consumers will be shown the date on which the company attained their certification as well as their registered certificate number. This can be an invaluable piece of information should the consumer want to investigate the company further.

Further Sources of Information

Another excellent reference tool is the Microgeneration Certification Scheme's own website. The site has a register of nearly 8,000 installation specialists whose particular expertise range from PV solar and solar thermal to biomass and hydro-turbine technologies. They currently have over 6,500 PV solar installers listed and visitors to the site can locate a selection of their local providers by entering their postcode to begin the search.

Additional useful information is also available on the MCS website including how each of the different microgeneration technologies work within the home and which can deliver the optimal benefits in specific circumstances. They also provide access to the latest current government legislation on green issues and offer advice on how to take advantage of the Feed-In Tariff scheme. Of particular interest is the qualification criteria for the government's new Green Deal initiative due for launch in October 2012 and the responsibility of compliance for inclusion facing householders and the PV solar industry alike.