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Tips and Tricks to Help Save You Money in 2013

David Thomas

EMMA BUSHELL is one of Islington Council’s Energy Conservation Officers, tasked with finding ways to reduce energy waste across the council’s buildings.

We met Emma in 2012 when she was delivering a talk on exactly this. At the time, the Green Deal legislation was far from complete and still months from its launch. We are now much closer to the first Green Deal assessments being delivered, and hopefully this means the start of a more energy efficient Britain.

Here are Emma’s energy efficiency tips to help you save money in 2013. We have embedded it as a video, but beneath you’ll find a summary of her top five tips. They work equally well for businesses and households.

Emma’s helpful tips and tricks

1. Find out the terms of your energy bill. What rates are you paying? Is your bill estimated or measured?
2. Read your meter each week to get an idea of how much energy you’re using. Try reading the meter last thing at night and then again in the morning, to see if there is unusual nocturnal energy expenditure.
3. Reducing your thermostat by just one degree can save your overall heating by up to 8%. If you don’t have a thermostat, get one.
4. Don’t overheat and don’t overcool your space. Both are wasteful.
5. Replace halogen bulbs with LED ones. Each LED bulb costs around £10 and should last twenty five years. They expel less heat and reduce your lighting costs by up to 85%.

When we asked Emma why most people don’t follow these simple tips, here’s what she said:

“It seems like a no-brainer to me but I think people think it’s complicated, and people have got other things to worry about. People don’t pay attention to their bills. They don’t know how much [prices are] going up. They think it’s a fixed overhead – it’s not a fixed overhead.”

Thanks to Emma for her inspiring words, and for taking the time to be interviewed.