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A Video to Explain the Green Deal

TO EXPLAIN the Green Deal, we commissioned the following animation. If you aren't familiar with the Green Deal, we recommend the video as a good place to start. Enjoy!

The Green Deal is an ambitious attempt at making Britain's homes warmer and less draughty. It allows you to refurbish your home and pay later. A Green Deal can be worth up to £10,000 and include insulation, glazing, draught exclusion, boilers and other improvements.

To apply for a Green Deal you must first have an Assessor come to your home. You arrange this through a Green Deal Provider. They assess the energy efficiency of your home, how to improve it, and your own personal energy consumption habits. After the assessment you will receive a Green Deal Plan, showing how much you might save, plus the repayment plan.

Repayments are structured in instalments, and are attached to the property, not to you personally.

Repayments are made through the energy bill. Part of the Green Deal is the Golden Rule that says 'repayments should not exceed savings'. In other words, after the improvements your energy bill will go down, even with the repayments added.

You should ask your Provider about cashback incentives. The government has announced a voucher system: so long as the improvements are undertaken by the voucher's expiry date, you will be eligible for cashback.

For more information, check out our FAQs page or our Blog.